Warrior's Armband

Side QuestsEdit


  • Cure-All - Open the first box with an orange light on your right
  • Warrior's Armband - Open the second box with an orange light on your right


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Alraune 670 Magic Water Virus, Speeda, Flower of Suspicion, Vampire Bottle Blood Sucking Needle, Life Stealing Tooth, Pumice of Despair, Incense of Distrust
Don Laploss+ 1710 Beast Fire Cry Don Laploss Claws Don Laploss Claws
Glacier Beast B 640 Magic Water Ice Needle Mysterious Perfume, Replica Staff Mysterious Perfume, Magic Crystal

Glacier Fragment B 640 Magic Water Barricadus Healing Herb, Replica Staff Cold Water Stone, Rainbow Coral
Gyaplos 800 Beast Wind Cry Beast Hide Rasp, Guardian Ore Beast's Horn, Raging Beast's Eye, Tornado Leaf, Beast's Horn
Living Ice 6350 Magic Water Shieldus, Freeze Bite, All-Aquara, Reflect None None
White Terror 1190 Beast Earth Full Swing Gutsy Cloth, Blood Cloth Crystal Quality Iron Sand, Nutrition of the Earth, Beat Stone

Bosses Highlighted

+Optional Boss

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