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  • Gongora
  • King Gohtza
  • Kakanas
  • Other


  • Maps
  • Tutorial
  • Combat
  • Other


Story Locations

  • Highlands of Wohl
  • Uhra
  • Ipsilon Mountains
  • Grand Staff Construction Base
  • Sea of Baus
  • City of Numara
  • Crimson Forest
  • Mountain Village of Tosca
  • Old Sorceress' Mansion
  • Northern Cape
  • Black Cave
  • City of Saman
  • Experimental Staff
  • Ice Canyon
  • Gohtza City
  • Aurora Bound Train
  • Snow Covered Trail
  • Old Gohtza
  • Frozen Trail
  • East-bound Track
  • Gohtzan Refugee Camp
  • Crashed Magic Train Site
  • The Great Ancient Ruins
  • Grand Staff

Optional Locations

  • Khent
  • Temple of Enlightenment
  • Pirate Fortress
  • Terrace Cave
  • Numara Atoll
  • Forgotten Cave
  • Kelolon Village
  • Snowfields of the Northern Land

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