Location: Gohtza City - Low Town - Abandoned Apartment - Raihel's General Store

NPC Type: Shop Keeper

Availability: This shop becomes available after the start of disk 4 and is available throughout the game.



Item Price Function
Healing Medicine 40g Restores 100 HP to one party member
Healing Herb 120g Restores HP of one party member
Healing Tank 360g Greatly restores the HP of one party member
Mana Herb 60g Restores 100 MP to one party member
Mana Capsule 180g Restores MP of one party member
Mana Bottle 540g Greatly restores the MP of one party member.
Antidote 15g Cures Poison for one party member
Eye Drops 20g Curse blindness of one party member.
White Flame Rock 50g Cures one party member of Darkness.
Blazing Ruby 45g Cures one party member from Freeze.
Angel's Plume 150g Revives one KO'd party member with partial HP.
Flare Bomb 100g Inflicts light Fire damage on one enemy.
Flara Bomb 500g Inflicts medium Fire damage on one enemy
Aqua Bomb 100g Inflicts light Water damage on one enemy
Aquara Bomb 500g Inflicts medium Water damage on one enemy
Wind Bomb 100g Inflicts light Wind damage on one enemy
Winda Bomb 500g Inflicts medium Wind damage on one enemy
Ground Bomb 100g Inflicts light Earth damage on one enemy
Grounda Bomb 500g Inflicts medium Earth damage on one enemy


Type Spell Price
Black Ground Mine 3,080g

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