Gohtzan Refugee Camp
Dream Stones-Heaven
First Accessible Availability
Disc 2, after leaving Gohtza and traversing the Frozen Trail. Available till the end of the game.
Save Orb Inn/beds
Yes Lodging Tent
Items Components Spells
Ghude Ghude N/A
Weapons Accessories Ring Maker
Ghude Ghude Storage Tent
Points of Interest
Pipot Medical Tent
Seed 80

Seed #80

After the tragedy at Gohtza City many of it's residents flee the frozen city and form a refugee camp. They are protected from the cold with the help of a near by hot spring.


Side QuestsEdit

Points of InterestEdit


  • Seed #80 - North of the Save Orb in a pot.
  • 5 Loud Bell - Right at the entrance, in a pot that sits beside the emblem on the back of the first tent
  • Anti-Paralysis Herb - In a pot between the two tents on the left
  • 1000G - Along the left path there's a black pot, probe it.

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