Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
Golden Knight
HP Element Type SP Gold
?? None None 0 0
Dropped Stolen Location
None None Ceremonial Amphitheater of the Sky
Susceptible To:
Immune to All Status Effects
Weak Against:
No Inherent Weakness
Ultimate Hit Inflicts damage on all enemies

Boss Strategy

Tolten will be alone in this fight. Its not hard, but pretty interesting. Golden Knight will tell Tolten what to do : Attack, Defend, Heal. Once he will tell Tolten to defend use Complete Defense (if he has learned it, otherwise defend normally), Golden Knight will use Ultimate Hit. After that check your skills, you will have Ultimate Hit. Use it and the fight will be over. After the fight you will get Age of the King and King Ring as well as a new ability Ultimate Hit.

Golden-knight 01

Totlen opens the last seal

How to face this boss

Before the battle you have to activate all Royal Seals. Their locations are all here Side Quest: Royal Seals. After that go to the Ceremonial Amphitheater of the Sky and break the last seal.


The Golden Knight is none other than the First King of Uhra. By breaking the Royal Seals Tolten has proved that he is a man worthy of the title King.

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