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Gongora is a powerful sorcerer, one of the five Immortals sent to this world in order to discover what is eroding theirs. After a thousand years, he becomes twisted by his own emotions and tries to remain in this world to become its ruler. He starts by sealing the memories of the other four Immortals( Kaim, Seth, Ming, and Sarah) and puts them in positions for later use. He is an important part of early portion in the game's storyline by acting as a member of the Council. Gongora assigns Jansen to join Kaim and Seth on their first mission to investigate the Grand Staff, which is supposed ly leaking magical energy. He gives Jansen the order to, if Kaim or Seth recover any of their memories, hit them with a magic pearl which will induce further amnesia; offering Jansen triple his pay to do so. It is later discovered that Gongora was only using Jansen. By using 'Spy Eyes', Gongora was able to see what Jansen saw. This causes Jansen, Seth, and Kaim to be attacked by Kakanas, but they end up getting some help from Cooke and Mack.

Gongora manipulates Tolten further in the game, pushing him to inadvertently kill the head of the Uhran Council, Roxian, when Roxian makes a mud doll to kill him, to reinstate the monarchy. Unbeknownst to Tolten, the person he killed was just a puppet of Gongora. After killing the head of the Council himself, Gongora manipulates Tolten to broadcast to the world that Tolten will be assuming the throne as the new king of Uhra. Tolten, naively believing that Gongora is a sincere adviser, makes Gongora his second in command.

When the party arrives at Experimental Staff, It is discovered that Gongora is taking parts from Experimental Staff to add to Grand Staff, thusly making it better. Eventually, the party finds Gongora, leading into the first boss fight against Gongora. This ends with Gongora using a move, Pain Surge. After the party has fallen, Tolten arrives and is horrified. When Gongora explains that they were "A threat to your Majesty's life", Tolten is still shocked since in the group is the Queen of Numara, Ming, and two children. After leaving Experimental Staff with Tolten, Gongora has it self-destruct. Lirum's spirit revives Cooke and Mack, who then revive the others. They then escape Experimental Staff on the boat and return to Saman.

Not long after Gongora is appointed as Totlen's adviser - during a meeting Tolten is attending with Queen Ming of Numara and King Mars of Gohtza - Gongora announces that Tolten was assassinated, and lets it be known that he will become his successor and take the throne of Uhra. After Tolten's death is announced, Gongora boards Grand Staff, and with the help of six Dark Acolytes, launches an attack on Gohtza. This attack decimates a huge portion of the Gohtzan military, as well as killing many of the inhabitants of Gohtza; including the King. Seth escaped with Tolten using his emergency transport, while Ming and Jansen use magic to survive after Gongora froze all of Gohtza.

Then back in Uhra, unaware of Tolten's survival by an emergency transport, Gongora claims that Tolten chose him as his sucessor to the throne, he then plans to sacrafice Sed, the son of Seth, and his pirates to become The King of Uhra. During that time Tolten and Seth attempt to rescue Sed during a Gohtzan reprisal for the attack by Grand Staff. Sed is freed by Seth moments before Gongora creats a multitude of of magic beasts to completely destroy the Gohtzan military. Gongora then Boards Grand Staff and flys it back to The Sea of Baus.

The Immortals arrive at Grand Staff, but fail to meet up with Gongora, who flies off in the upper half. The lower base sinks, and the party jumps off luckily on the White Boa to escape. When a large beam of magical energy emerges from the ocean, the party realises that Gongora intends to use Grand Staff to align the stars with the Tower of Mirrors, and then use Grand Staff to destroy the mirrors, breaking the link between the two worlds. They use the Nautilus to crash into and board the airborne Grand Staff and finally catch up to Gongora, who proceeds to possess Jansen by means of a past contract spell and uses him like a puppet against the party; although Gongora himself assertively ends the fight. Grand Staff then collides with the Tower of Mirrors and Gongora releases Jansen and escapes to the Tower. The party then races down Grand Staff to arrive at the Nautilus, where they escape Grand Staff.

Once in the tower, Gongora absorbs the light from the other world and becomes a dark and less human-like figure, whilst the other immortals have become mortals in these rays. The now self-proclaimed god battles the Immortals while the Mortals create a shield of darkness covering the light and weakening Gongora. After the battle, Gongora is severely weakened, yet manages to hold the Mortals in the barrier they have created, isolating them to the exposure of the deadly light from the mirrors. Blackmailing Kaim into saving them by destroying the mirrors himself, he is then tackled and restrained by an enraged Seth who, pleading haste to Kaim, sacrifices herself to send Gongora back without escape. Kaim reluctantly destroys the mirror by throwing Gongora's staff into it; sending Gongora, along with Seth, back to the immortal's world and sealing them off permanently.


Gongora is fought three times over the course of the story; however, only the final fight is a true boss battle. The other two fights are semi-scripted and cannot be won - the party must simply survive for a set number of turns.

Battle 1: Experimental Staff Glass ChamberEdit

In your first encounter with Gongora, you don't even need to attack him - in fact, using anything more elaborate than a standard attack will only cause him to mock your efforts. Instead, focus on buffing your defenses with All-Barricade, Generate, and Cover (if available).

On his turn, Gongora will alternate between casting Forceus and Prisma, dealing moderate to high damage to either one person (Forceus) or the whole party (Prisma). As long as at least one caster is spamming Zephyr(a) every turn, you should be able to endure the assault. On his fifth turn, Gongora will cast Pain Surge, instantly defeating the party and ending the battle.

Battle 2: Grand Staff Control RoomEdit

When the party confronts Gongora in Grand Staff, the villain uses his magic to puppeteer Jansen against his friends. Similar to the battles with the Obsidian Miasma and the Old Sorceress, you cannot allow Jansen's HP to hit 0  - as such, your best option is to defend and heal exclusively. Make sure you've removed all counterattack skills from your party to ensure that you don't accidentally attack Jansen.

The Gongora-possessed Jansen will only attack with basic Black Magic - nothing really threatening, even without your defensive buffs and healing. After a few turns, Gongora will once again end the battle automatically, this time using Meteor Impact to defeat the party in one fell swoop.

Final Battle: Tower of MirrorsEdit

Gongora will start things off by summoning a Luminous Magic Beast to fight you. Once you've taken it down, he'll transform himself into a more demonic form and engage your Immortals in battle.

Initially, the battle is once again scripted, with your mortal party members using various "Support" skills to counteract the effects of Gongora's attacks. You can get by simply by defending, but feel free to attack the villain a few times - note that his element and type will change between turns, so you might want to get used to switching your rings around to get maximum damage.

After five or six turns of back-and-forth attacks and counterattacks, Gongora will use Light Absorb, initiating a cutscene. Once it ends, the real final battle will begin.

Gongora uses most of the attacks he used in the first phase of the battle, but his Pain Surge and Meteor Impact are greatly weakened - nonetheless, keep your buffs up and have Ming and Sarah ready to heal. If your Immortals are all equipped with the "Ailment-Proof" skill, the fight becomes much less of a headache - not only are you immune to Gongora's multi-target ailment-inducing spells, but you're also immune to his "Manipulate" skill, which temporarily turns one of your characters against you. Once again, keep an eye on his element and type and switch your rings around to maximize your damage output.

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