House arrest?! Say it ain't so!


Magic-Storing Stone

Location: In Gongora's Mansion in the City of Uhra.


Transcripts Edit

  • Gongora's Journal
Eternity is amazing! To not have fear of death.
As long as I am in this world, I am immortal, akin to a god. I am this world’s time and history in one person.
However, to remain so, I must destroy the Tower of Mirrors--but if I do, it will break the link to the power of my home world.   
And I will lose the magic energy in this world.
If that happens, my immortality will be swept along in the flow of time. 
I need to create a magic energy engine in this world, to replace the Tower of Mirrors.
An engine would stamp out the interference from my home world, and give me access to even more magic energy here.
First, I must establish a power base to ensure that this world runs according to my will.
The Royal House of Uhra. I can position myself into that house to gain power and manipulate the people.
With that power and the magic energy, my place as a god shall be guaranteed!

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