Head to the Vehicles when you are ready to leave

Location: In the Highlands of Wohl.

The Gorge represents the perimeter threshold of the meteor's damage. Uhran soldiers have staged there and established a casualty collection point. The Highlands of Wohl become inaccessible after the player uses the magic cars to depart.

Points of InterestEdit

  • There is a Save Orb at the entrace to this zone

Items Edit

Listed in the order that the player will most likely acquire them

Name Location Acquired
Healing Medicine Right side of map in a crate near Save Orb Move into wooden crate
Angel's Plume After the cutscene in plain sight on the right "Open" treasure chest
4x Whetstone On the left, directly opposite the Angel's Plume "Open" treasure chest
Healing Medicine On the right, back the way you came. Move into wooden crate
Mana Herb On the right, back the way you came just passed Healing Medicine listed above Move into wooden crate

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