Type: Black Magic

Level: 7

MP Cost: 35

Casting Time: 1G

Effect: Inflicts a massive amount of Earth damage on one enemy.

Obtained: Grand Staff - Engine Section

This is not in the first area of Grand Staff. When you arrive in the second part of the Armory, go south and ride the platform across to pick up Shinus. Then go back to where you arrived and take the right elevator up. After riding the elevator you can either go straight ahead and take the ladder down, or go south towards the leaking pipe. Both will lead you to the area where Groundus is, but take the ladder because it is faster. After coming down the ladder you will be on a curved path. Run all the way around and climb up the next ladder. In front of you will be another leaking pipe; get blown down or use the ladder to get to the area beneath you. Groundus is in the can closest to the camera.

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