Lost Odyssey Enemy
Guard Beast A
HP Element Type SP Gold
225 None Beast 1 45
Location Encountered Dropped
White Boa Quality Iron Sand
Stolen Rare Steal
Healing Herb None
Abilities: Blind
Susceptible To: Paralysis, Poison, Sleep
Weak Against: Beast Killer Rings


You'll run into Guard Beasts while you're being pursued by Kakanas on the White Boa. You'll also face them if, while you are in battle with a Security Eye, the eye uses its Alarm Lv 2 ability. Guard Beasts are pretty basic enemies. A spell cast should take them down, if not one spell and a physical attack. Their main function is just to serve as a shield for the security eyes. However, if they are in battle with a Numara Soldier, the soldier and the beast may do a combo attack called "order," a physical attack that does decent damage.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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