White-boa 04

Healing Potion

White-boa 05

Angel's Plume

Location: White Boa

Points of InterestEdit

  • There is a Save Orb at the center near a bridge.
  • All doors are locked during the first visit. They are all unlocked after acquiring the ship in disc 4.
  • A Cube musician is located here.
  • There is Treasure Hunt information from Pond-Watching Crewman Cadasith on the left stairs to the pond after acquiring the ship in disc 4.



Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Guard Beast 225 Beast None None Healing Herb Quality Iron Sand
Numara Soldier 260 None None Order Healing Herb Pumice of Despair
Security Eye 120 Mechanical None Alarm Level Junk Parts Junk Parts


  • Numara Soldier x2
  • Guard Beast x2 (Front Row); Numara Sodier x1 (Back Row)
  • Security Eye x2
  • Numara Soldier x1 (Front Row); Security Eye x1 (Back Row)


Name Location Acquired
Healing Potion Southeast corner of the area "Open" treasure chest
Angel's Plume At the center of the area on a bridge, near save orb "Open" treasure chest

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