Lost Odyssey Enemy
Hellish Kelolon
Hellish Kelolon
HP Element Type SP Gold
22,190 Water Kelolon 3 50
Location Encountered Dropped
Temple of Enlightenment Adamantine Ore
Kelolon's Soul
Glacial Ice
Stolen Rare Steal
Death Powder Kelolon Heart
Abilities: Prismus, Lightning Strike, Payback, Kelolon Rush
Susceptible To: Paralysis
Weak Against: Element Earth, Kelo Killer Rings


The Hellish Kelolon is found only inside the Temple of Enlightenment - The Corridor of Timelessness, don't mistake it with the Black Kelolon who is found on the Temple Exterior. The Hellish Kelolon can also be found anywhere inside the temple, but usually in the rare times when you do happen to run into it outside of The Corridor of Timelessness it appears as only one. However, this one Hellish Kelolon will still level you up by one level. But you have a better chance of running into them in the corridor of timelessness and fighting two will be guaranteed to level you up rather than fighting one when you reach the higher levels of 92+.

They give you 1 level on each battle until you are on level 97, so they are very good for leveling, recommended to have group members of level 55+. After you have your immortals up to level 70 or 80, if you wish to you can switch out one of your spell casters for one of your mortal allies whose level may be low. If you wish to make your mortals more powerful quickly in case you have to have a fight with one of them as a requirement, now would be a good time to do some power leveling.

Lightning Strike causes high physical damage to all party members which cannot be reduced by Shield or Shieldus.

Use Earth Element attacks and Kelo-killer rings, and you can also use a Angel Ring, a nice enhancement for your melee, since it has the Earth Lv2, Kelo-Killer Lv2, and HP Absorb Lv2.