Press A to ram things

Location: Highlands of Wohl.

The Hypocenter is presumably the precise point of the meteor's impact. It is the very first zone ever visited in the game.

Points of InterestsEdit

  • There is a Save Orb near where Kaim is standing when the player takes control of him
  • Lava causes damage when Kaim touches it.

Side QuestsEdit


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Insane Khent Soldier 60 None None None None None


  • Insane Khent Soldier x2
  • Insane Khent Soldier x3


Listed in the order that the player will most likely acquire them

Name Location Acquired
Healing Medicine Right side of the map in a prominent alcove near Bruiser Ring "Ram" damaged machine
Bruiser Ring Center of the on-screen map. Must be picked up to continue "Ram" damaged machine
Angel's Plume Right side of the map in a tiny alcove "Ram" damaged machine
Name Plate Left side of map amidst remains of a Heavy Tank shortly before zone border "Pick Up" flashing object
Mana Herb Right side of map directly opposite the Name Plate "Ram" damaged machine

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