Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
Ice Magic Beast
Ice-magic-beast 01
HP Element Type SP Gold
10,360 Water Organic 10 8,000
Dropped Stolen Location
None None Burning Cave
Susceptible To:
Immune to All Status Effects
Weak Against:
Element Earth Bio Killer Rings
All-Aquara Inflicts Water damage on all party members
Forcea Inflicts physical damage on one party member
Ice Spike Inflicts Chill
Absolute Zero inflicts Freeze
Ice Mine

Boss Strategy

Boss 11.

Boss Summary

The Ice Magic Beast automatically reflects all of your magic attacks. Not only that, the Ice Magic Beast has some brutal freaking attacks. All-Aquara hits everyone for hundreds of damage. Forcea will hit one person for what may well be over 1,000 damage, and Trample isn't all that much nicer to you. Not only that, Ice Magic Beast will try and freeze you. Solve that right away by wearing a Warm Vest, or using a blazing ruby. Aside from knowing his attacks though, you'll need to know how to do some damage of your own.

Ai Script

The Ice Magic Beast always uses its various abilities in a specific order, however which skill he uses first is always different. This is the order of the Ice Magic Beast's attacks if he usus Trample on his first turn:

Turn 1: Trample (Physical Attack: 250-350 Damage to One Party Member)

Turn 2: All Aquara (High-Power Water Elemental Magic Attack: 600 - 650 Damage to Whole Party)

Turn 3: Forcea (High-Level Non Elemental Magic Attack: 700 - 800 Damage to One Party Member)

Turn 4: Ice Spike (Low Damage Attack to Row of Party: 100 - 130 Damage + Causes Chill 100% Rate)

Turn 5: Absolute Zero: ( Ice Magic Beast's Main Attack: 200 - 300 Damage to Whole Party + Inflicts Freeze and Frostbite on all Chilled Party Members)


Mack is the only one of your party members with even half-decent physical attack, so he'll be the attacker. Get Powerus on him at the start of the fight from one of the other characters, while Mack uses Combo. Have the remaining two of your characters getting All-Shieldus and All-Barricadus on everyone so that you can reduce damage. After that you'll want to keep one or two of your casters using Zephyra to keep the party's health up, while Mack keeps using Combo. If your casters have any spare turns, you can use Speeda or toss some Grounda Bombs for some additional damage. This is going to be a long fight, so any boost that you can get will help. Once the battle ends, you'll have a cutscene to watch, and then you'll officially be done with Disc 3.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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