Lost Odyssey Enemy
HP Element Type SP Gold
1,200 None Spirit Magic 2 300
Location Encountered Dropped
Black Cave Paraweed Thorn
Black Pearl Powder
Magic-Sealing Feather
Stolen Rare Steal
Guardian Ore None
Abilities: Stare, Prisma, Hex, Jamming
Susceptible To: Blind, Curse, Dizzy, Kelolon, Terror, Virus
Weak Against: Spirit Killer Rings


Ides are the first non-boss enemies of the game that can really make you say "oh crap" due to their spells. They have two really dangerous ones: Stare and Prisma. Prisma will take between 200 and 300 damage off of every one of your party members. Stare will inflict all five of your party members with signs of petrification -- at which point you'll have three turns to end the battle before you become petrified. Now you can't get a game over as long as at least one of your party members has Anti-Petrify, but the odds of all of them having it is probably low, and you don't want to risk being outnumbered by too many enemies. Hex also affects all of your party with curse. Depending on how the fight's looking you should make your decision to either end it, or if there are too many enemies left you can Flee the battle. Assuming you are going to kill these guys, toss some Force spells and physical attacks. Power Hit and Combo also work fine. Unfortunately, these enemies don't have an elemental weakness to use as a shortcut.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough