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Maze of GloomEdit

Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Balloon 430 None Fire Huge Explosion Flare Bomb Magma Fragment, Magic-Luring Stone
Flyweight Kelolon 270 Kelolon Water Combination, Aqua, Kelolon, Reinforcement Request Healing Medicine Whetstone, Kelo-Oil
Grantoad 820 None Water Jump, Rain Maker Poison Oil Cold Water Stone, Poison Oil
Kelolina 80 Kelolon Water Kelolon, Heal, Flee Angel's Plume Healing Medicine, Sticky Tape
Keloline 690 Kelolon Water Kelolon, Heal Angel's Plume Sticky Tape, Kelo-Oil
Red Trent 1,370 Hardened Earth Power Crush Hard Skin Quality Iron Sand, Pumice of Despair, Hard Skin
Schin Beetle 400 Organic Wind Sleep, Wind Sandman's Seal Sandman's Seal, Wind Seal Leaf
Silver Kelolon A 290 Kelolon Water Flee, Kelolon Mana Herb Seed of Terror
Soul Eater Bug 460 Organic Wind Prey, Prism Anti-Paralysis Herb Insect Innards, Paraweed Thorn
Spitura 220 Magic Fire Flare, Slower, Flare Mine Mana Herb Blood Sucking Needle, Insect Innards

Lets talk about your newest party member, Cooke. She comes with white magic which is great for healing but not so great for doing damage. If you haven't done so already equip her with an accessory that will let her cast black magic. It will not take her long to level up and get Prayer a darn useful ability as it grants her a free healing spell to whomever she wants but it can only be cast while in combat. If you want to save her MP then find a way to work it in. Cooke is really good at healing (both in and out of combat) as her healing spells heal for more then other party members.

Now as far as equipment and skills go for your other characters make sure that Seth and Kaim have Anti-Poison, and Anti-Paralysis skills on and put Antidote Brooch on Jansen. Don't forget to skill link with Cooke she has some nice new abilities that you'll want to learn.


Crystal Fragment #2


Crystal Fragment #1

Seed 41

Seed # 41

Ok there are a lot of things to find here so this is going to take a bit of explaining. Head N to the Save Orb and use it. To the left of the orb is a strange pink mushroom thing when you get close to it you can kick it. Do so and you'll receive the first Crystal Fragment. There are 19 total and 6 of them are in this zone. Continue W and then N as the path turns there are some more mushrooms ahead on the left side of the path with Crystal Fragment #2. N of that fragment is a pillar of rocks ram it for Seed # 41. When you come to the fork in the rode take the E side there are some more mushrooms with Crystal Fragment #3, and a pillar that if you ram it will trigger a battle. S of the last pillar is another, ramming it will reward an Anti-Paralysis Herb. Don't take the E fork in the road continue S to the dead end kick the mushrooms for Crystal Fragment #4. Return to the last fork in the path and go E the next fork you come to go S and kick the mushrooms for Crystal Fragment #5 and a bit farther down the path is Crystal Fragment #6. After you go under the tree branch you'll find another pillar ram it for Angel's Plume. Continue W and you'll be back where you started. Run around the corner and instead of taking the E fork in the road go N for a scene.


Crystal Fragment #3


Crystal Fragment #4


Crystal Fragment #5


Crystal Fragment #6

If you keep going N you'll leave the zone. Do yourself a favor before you leave, open up your inventory go to the items screen then to valuables and check to see if you have all 6 Crystal Fragments. If you don't go back and look for what you are missing. Now this may seem a bit anal retentive but trust me on this one. If you miss a crystal it is a HUGE pain to try and figure out where it is. This is spoken by someone with experience. Right now if you don't have 6 at lest you know what zone you are missing one in. If you have all the crystal fragments take out the log blocking the path and go N.

Near SwampEdit


Crystal Fragment #7


Crystal Fragment #8


Crystal Fragment #9

Head N and take the E path when you come to the fork. As you continue down the path don't miss the dead end that has mushrooms containing Crystal Fragment #7. After you go up the hill there will be some more mushroom on the right side with Crystal Fragment #8 Directly across from that fragment is a log that will bridge the path (it's kind of hard to see) go across it and ram the pillar for Anti-Paralysis Herb. Return to the path and go across another log that acts as a bridge over the path for mushrooms with Crystal Fragment #9. Return the way you came and go N along the main path. Stay to the left side of the path when you come to the next fork there will be a group of mushrooms on the left side you can kick for Crystal Fragment #10.

Seed 42

Seed # 42

Keep N into the large open area on the W side is a pillar with Mana Capsule and to the N E are some mushrooms with Crystal Fragment #11. Head back and take the E fork, keep to the N side of the path and ram the stone pillar for a battle. Once you are in the open area go S into a dead end with a pillar containing Seed # 42. Return to the open area and then go E at the turn in the road kick the mushrooms for Crystal Fragment #12 that should be the last one for this zone check your inventory to make sure that you got all of 12 them. When you get to the next fork continue N and ignore the W path (there's nothing up there for you at this time).


Crystal Fragment #10


Crystal Fragment #11


Crystal Fragment #12

Chamber of Stone TabletsEdit

Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Earth Colossus 1,220 Hardened/Spirit Magic Earth Charge, Hammer Hard Skin Eastern Red Ore
Flame Sphere 440 None Fire Fast Cast, Flare None None
Plant Dragon 940 Spirit Magic None Shadow Mint Powder Hard Skin, Pumice of Despair, Quality Iron Sand
Soul Eater Bug 460 Organic Wind Prey, Prism Anti-Paralysis Herb Insect Innards, Paraweed Thorn
Spitura 220 Magic Fire Flare, Slower, Flare Mine Mana Herb Blood Sucking Needle, Insect Innards


Crystal Fragment #13


Stone Tablet Fragment


Crystal Fragment #14

There are some new monsters here in addition to the ones you've already run across. The Earth Colossus really do a lot of damage particularly if they have charged ahead of time, so I'd really recommend trying to kill them first if encountered in a group. Now might be a good time to equip those Turtle Shell Rings as the colossus are hardened.

S of the save orb are mushrooms with Crystal Fragment #13. Take the glowing elevator down and then go to the room to the E. Grab the bolder on top of the steps and roll it over to the elevator that you just came down on. Get it into the center of the elevator and then step back. The elevator will go up and the other one will come down on it is a Tablet Fragment pick it up. You can't do anything with it yet but you'll be glad you did latter down. Go down again W past the elevators and you'll come to some mushrooms with Crystal Fragment #14 exit the zone into the new one.

Dungeon ShrineEdit


Crystal Fragment #15


Curse Spell


Crystal Fragment #16

Upon entering this zone you'll trigger a short cut scene. When you head up the steps you'll trigger a bolder come down. If you get hit your party will take damage and be thrown off the edge but you won't die. Take the elevator and it will return you the steps. Run up the steps to the next landing then off to the side you'll see a little platform stand on that to avoid the bolder. Go to the top of the steps and you'll find some mushrooms between the stairs kick it for Crystal Fragment #15. The top of the next stair way will trigger another bolder. Run down it and hug the edges to avoid the bolder. The next landing has a pillar. Run past that to the bottom. Next to the door that closed is a save orb and an MP/HP restore orb. You'll probably want to use both of them at this point. You might be tempted to grind because there is a restore orb right and you can but I wouldn't really recommend it. To the N of the orbs is a chest with Black Magic Spell Curse.

On either side is a group of earth Colossus statues if you get close to them they move. If you move quickly you won't trigger a battle event but if they hit you it will. Head N but stay to the W side to come to a group of mushrooms with Crystal Fragment #16. Colossus on the N side the mushroom get you Crystal Fragment #17 and the chest at the end has Cubic Music Score 2. On the S side is a chest with a Slot Seed.


Crystal Fragment #17


Cubic Music Score 2

Slotseed 09

Slot Seed


Lucky Clover


Fragments #18-19

Return back up the stairs, grab the pillar move it over to the side. Then run to the top of the steps and avoid the bolder. With the door taken out go to the N most stair way and run to the bottom for a chest with Lucky Clover accessory. Exit the zone this will bring you back to the Chamber of stone tablets but you are in a part you couldn't get to before. There are two mushrooms with Crystal Fragment #18-19.

You've now done everything you need to do before the boss fight. Go back to the door you smashed open and use the refresh/save orbs as needed. Before you head in give Seth and Kaim Crisis Defense Boost white and black magic 2 and Casting Support (if you have it). Also what is it with Japan and creepy possessed children?

Obsidian Miasma Boss Fight
Obsidian-tentacles 04 Obsidian-tentacles 03 Obsidian-tentacles 02
HP Element Type Susceptible To Weak Against
930 - Miasma
300 each - Tentacles
None Magic Immune to All Status Effects Magic Killer Rings
Suggested Equipment Suggested Skills Suggested Party Make Up
Magic Ring - Kaim & Seth
Mimint Ear - Jansen
Apprentice Earrings - Cooke
Crisis Defense Boost, Casting Support, Level 2 Black-White Magic, Lucky 0 Magic Damage, Critical Heal N/A
Black Whip
Cases Damage to one row (Tentacles)
increases attack power of one enemy (Tentacles)
Soul Drain
steals HP of one party member (Tentacles)
Energy Drain
Steals MP of one party member (Tentacles)
slows attacking speed of one party member (Tentacles)
Obsidian Sigh
hits one row for high damage (Miasma)
Hits the entire party for high damage (Miasma)
wakes up Mack (Miasma)
Fear Inflicts Terror on one party member (Miasma)
Priority one is to get Cooke out of the tentacle if she dies it's game over. Just have everyone focus on tentacle C. Even with a magic killer ring physical attacks don't do much I'd recommend having both Seth and Kaim use bombs. The boss has no elemental weakness so it doesn't matter what spell (or bombs for that matter) you have Jansen use but because time is important it's not a bad idea to stick with spells that can cast in a single turn. Once you have her freed I like to have Seth and Kaim use Casting Support (if they have it) on Jansen and Cooke. Then have your casters cast Prism. The next round you won't be able to use Kaim or Seth but the rest of the tentacles will be much easier to kill. If neither of your immortals have casting support you can have Cooke cast it on Jansen If you want. Given the high physical damage resistance of the Tentacles if you have an immortal without casting support it might not be a bad idea to have them heal and or cast Barricade/All-Barricade on your party.

After all the tentacles are down Mac will be set out in-font of the Miasma. Killing him means game over so it's best to avoid that. Have Jansen or Cooke (due to their much quicker casting times) cast Sleep on Mac. I like to Have Jansen do it and let Cooke heal. Not a terrible idea to have Kaim and Seth just heal this turn as well. With mac asleep you can attack the Miasma without hurting him. Mac will probably wake up a few times before you have the boss down so you may have to repeat the process before the fight is over.

Drops Stolen Gold

Post boss fight you will be presented with a cut scene and then be asked to swap out disc 1 for disc 2.

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