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City of RuinsEdit

Ok it's time to pre-game a bit here make sure your immortals have white magic of some sort on them, Crisis Defense Boost and Crisis Attack Boost. Go N down the path but stay to the E side. In a ruined building you'll find a chest with Sandman's Seals x 5. Continue N and you will see a 2 kids looking at some flowers. Approach them for some scenes and a boss fight (sort of).

Flowers are Serous Business Boss Fight
Ghost-town02Numara-Soldier-CNumara-cav 03
HP Element Type Susceptible To Weak Against
300 - Numara Soldier
370 - Numara Cavalry
None None Immune to all status aliments No Inherent Weaknesses
Suggested Equipment Suggested Skills Suggested Party Make Up
Herculean Rings on Kaim & Seth

Steel Swords on Kaim & Seth
Sage's Protection on Jansen

Level 2 Black-White Magic or Level 2 White Magic

Crisis Defense Boost
Crisis Attack Boost

Guard Occasionally guards from the enemy's Physical attacks. (Numara Soldier)


Does 300+ physical damage to one target (Numara Cavalry)
This fight can be a real big pain the important thing to remember is if you die horribly (and you probably will at least once) you just saved. It's possible that one of your party members will die in the first turn if you are rather unlucky. A lot of this fight is about luck. I have tried many different ways to do this fight but one one that gives the most reliable results is using bombs. Normal physical attacks from Kaim and Seth can be blocked by the Soldiers, it takes too long for Kaim and Seth to cast spells and you need Jansen quicker casting time for healing. It takes 2 bomb hits to kill a soldier, have Kaim and Seth focus on one Soldier at a time they have no elemental weakness so it doesn't matter what type of bomb you use. You will need 6 Bombs to kill all the soldiers. If you haven't been using the bombs for anything else and have been diligent in collecting them you won't need to buy extra. Right off the bat have Jansen start casting Zephyr and have him continue to cast it every turn.

If one of your immortals die they will get back up in 2 turns if Jansen dies he stays down so you will have to raise him with an Angel's Plume. The rush ability that the Calvary has will one shot Jansen and do 300 + damage to Kaim or Seth. I would not bother reviving Jansen until you have all the solders dead in fact if he dies that early in the battle you are probably going to lose anyways. It's safest to get him back up when only one Calvary remain.

Once you have the Soldiers down work on the Calvary. It will take 3 bombs to eliminate one of them. If you are short on bombs you can use physical attacks from Kaim and Seth but it will still take 3 hits to kill one. If Jansen is still up you could have him throw a bomb but by this point in the battle you might have lost a team member. If that's the case have Jansen use Healing Herb to heal particularly low team members (If an immortal has under 350 health) or himself.

Even with this method you could still lose if you get unlucky but you have the best chance of winning. If you find that you don't have enough Healing Herb or bombs head back to town and get what you need from Nalia's Item Shop (But you should have enough without needing to do that).

Drops Stolen Gold
Junk Parts N/A ??

Post fight head NW through the opening in the wall there's a blue and white pot next to the well containing Kelo-Vitamin return to the main path. There is another opening by the Giant stone thing that is on the right side of the screen. You should see a blue and white pot with Hard Skin x4 return to the main path and Exit the zone.

Funeral Procession BeachEdit

On the W side you'll come to Cook and Mac's house right in-font of it you can see a Pipot but you only have 19 seeds atm so don't visit him just yet because Seed # 40 is in the blue and white pot at the back corner of the outside of their house. Grab it and return to the pipot and be rewarded with Earth Charm. Go back to where you got seed # 40 there's an opening in the wall go through it and to the S until you see a Blue and White pot on the right side of the screen. Probe it for Mana Herb. Then go NW through the ruins until you come to a chest containing a Slot Seed. Now head back to Cooke and Mac's house. Just an FYI you will have a ton of Cut scenes and what not coming you will not be able to save for awhile so make sure you have the time. And if you don't head back to the Port of Numara and use the save orb.

Seed 40

Seed #40

Pipot ghost-town


Slotseed 08

Slot Seed

Cut Scenes Away!Edit

Move to the north end of Cooke and Mack's House for a bunch of cut scenes that will take awhile; a long long while. Get some popcorn. After that you'll find your self in Uhra as Tolten move north for some scenes afterward you'll trigger an unavoidable battle event. The Mud Puppets are pretty weak use Cut Down ability in the skill menu it will one shot all of the enemies if you miss one just attack it normally and kill it. Post battle you'll get a cut scene and another fight. Well it's sort of a fight. Keep “inquiring” until it will let you attack. Use Power Hit in your skill section and you'll end this fight in two turns. After another long series of scenes you'll be back in Numara.

The FuneralEdit


Cooke next a Flower


Torch mini game

As Cooke you will need to collect 10 flowers. The first flower is to the right of the house (it's a white flower). You'll find the rest of the White flowers in the funeral procession beach and city of ruins. For Kaim you need 10 bundles of wood, the wood is found in the same general area as the flowers. You'll get some scenes and then you'll move on to the actual Funeral it's self. As Mac you'll do the torch lighting mini game just follow the directions if you mess it up you can always redo it. Then you'll get another collection on scenes.

Before You leave NumaraEdit


Kelolon Spell

Once you finally have control of your party again head over the the book shelf on the W side to read a book. In-between the table and the scaffolding is a blue and white pot containing Eastern Red Ore x 3. Head up stairs and use the save orb. Open the red and gold chest for Kelolon Spell and the dresser for 1g. You can rest here for free if you want. Not a terrible idea since particularly if you haven't healed up from the previous fight. Once you are done leave the house and head back to Numara. In the City of Ruins pass by the flower bed to unlock the Evening Bell Dream. Once you are back in Numara proper make your way to Canal Street go over the large bridge on the other side of the zone stay on the N side to unlock Portraitist of the Dead Dream. Make your way to White Square as you enter you'll notice a guy standing next to a floating box; talk to him.

You'll find other Cubic Music Scores through-out the game and more cubic musicians. Follow the instructions and pick your party what formation you have them in does not matter. The order for the first song is CEGC if you get it wrong you can always try again get it right and you'll be rewarded with Force Spell. There is only one last thing to do before you leave, if you were not able to make a Turtle Shell Ring because you didn't have enough Hard Skin you should have enough now. Feel free to go back to Trace and get a ring made (it will be useful). Now that you are done exit to the world map and select the Crimson Forest.


Talk to the man next to the floating Cube


Hit the boxes in the right order

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Whorl Uhra Ipsilon Mts Construction Base Sea of Baus White Boa Numara Ghost Town Crimson Forest

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