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Whorl Uhra Ipsilon Mts Construction Base Sea of Baus White Boa Numara Ghost Town Crimson Forest

Numara Palace FacadeEdit

Seed 25

Seed #25

Seed 24

Seed #24

After some scenes leave Philosopher's Chamber (there is nothing to do here). Once outside use the Save orb to the W. Continue along the top of the stairs for a pot containing Frontier Siderite x 5. When you are past the arches go around the corner there is a vine you can examine for Seed #24 (it can be hard to find). Leave the stairs and talk to the girl standing next to the ramp on the E side. Animal Adoring Rona has lost her dog. You'll help her latter, but for now go up the stairs on the E side for a pot containing 100g under one of the arches. Much like on the W side there is a vine past the arches you can examine for Seed # 25. Move S past the ramps and down another flight of stairs hug the E side and you'll come to a pot containing Sun Crystal x 5 in the far SE corner. Continue S and exit the zone for some scenes.

White SquareEdit

Move S along the E wall till you come to a vine with red fruit Examine it for Seed # 26. Keep S once the camera view changes go W around the fountain you'll see a cart with two blue and white pots on either side containing 10g and Aqua Bomb. Head to the E side of the fountain. The Camera view will change and you'll see a vine with fruit next to a little girl with cat ears and tail. Examine the vine for Seed # 27 then talk to the girl. Choose the “Not really” option and then “Sure”. The first game is tag, run after her and press A when you caught up, She'll reward you with a Slot Seed for your troubles. N of where you met Chuchu is an Inn (blue dot on the mini map), enter it.

Seed 26

Seed #26

Seed 27

Seed #27

Slotseed 06

Slot seed is the reward for playing with Chuchu

Thelran's InnEdit

Go E staying close to the S edge you'll find a glowing plant in the corner examine it for Anti-Paralysis Herb. On the right and left of the desk are two glowing plant with Seed # 28 and Seed # 29. Probe the pot to the right of the stairs for Angel's Plume. At the top of the stairs is a pot with Healing Herb go E past the hallway and for a pot containing Whetstone x 6 along the far E wall. Head N down the hallway and open the first door you come to on the W side. There's a glowing plant with Seed # 30 and the dresser has a Ground Bomb in it. Leave the room go N to the next room on the W side. There's a pot in the NW corner with Mint Powder and the dresser has 10g. Leave the room and probe the two pots at the end of the hallway for 100g and Waterfall Cluster x5. Now open the door across the hall from the last. The dresser has Guardian Ore x6 and the glowing plant in the NE corner will give you Sticky Tape x5. Go S to only room you haven't been to yet. Open the dresser for Mint Powder and the pot in the SE corner has a Mana Capsule. You can rest at this in for 150g if you want. Once you are done return to White Square and take the NE exit out of the zone.

Seed 29

Seed #29

Seed 28

Seed #28

Seed 30

Seed #30

Main StreetEdit

Seed 32

Seed #32

Seed 31

Seed #31

Continue W until you come to an intersection in the road you'll see a vine with red fruit on the side of the building examine it for Seed # 32. Turn around and go back south to the path you were just on. To the W (ahead of you) you'll see Chuchu again standing next to a vine with red fruit. Examine the vine for Seed # 31 and then talk to Chuchu. Select the “sure” option and she'll run off to play hide and seek. We'll find her latter for now go down the stairs to the edge of the canal and talk to “Stood-Up Menor”. Go back to the vine were you found Seed #32 and continue N. When you get close to the little boy on the bridge you will unlock The Talkative Mercenary Dream. From the bridge you can see a little ally to the north on the mini map head for it. Just inside the alley is a plant with red fruit examine it for Seed # 33. Right before you run into the dog at the end there is a vine on the W side with Seed #34. Get close to the dog and press A, it appears that was the dog you were looking for. Climb up the ladder at the end of the alley then make your way over the balconies to another ladder and climb down you'll find a red chest with a Slot Seed. Go back the way you came leave the alley and go to the W until you come to another alley. There is a vine on the E side with Seed # 35. Leave the alley and head S down the stairs to the Canal where a group of 3 people are standing to unlock Letters from a Weakling dream. Ok now it's time to check out some shops. Enter the shop right next to the alley you just came from (purple dot on the mini map).

Seed 33

Seed #33

Slotseed 07

Slot Seed

Seed 35

Seed #35

Nalia's Item ShopEdit


Shine Spell

Seed 37

Seed #37

Tool Seller Nalia does not have any spells you don't have already, but if you missed any you can buy them now. If you plan on buying useable items I'd save your money for the moment. There are a lot more items to find in this town and there are some much more interesting and useful things to spend gold on. Exit the shop and go down the alley way where you found Seed # 35. At the very end on the E side is a door enter it and you'll find Chuchu. Talk to her and be rewarded with Mana Earrings. Open the cabinet to the N for Wind Bomb, you can read the book on the book shelf. On the E side is a set of drawers with Gale Wing x5, Seed # 37 (middle drawer) and 100g. Take the N exit out of the room and talk to the man standing in the gondola keep talking to Cocktis till he brings the chest over. Open the chest for Shine spell. Then go back the way you came to the Main Street. Head E until you reach the next door you can open.

Ninn's BoutiqueEdit

Seed 36

Seed #36


Talk to Hocke


Mimint Ear

Examine the plant in the NW corner of the room for 10g and the one in the NE corner has Seed # 36. Talk to Serous looking Clerk Sais in the back of the shop. He'll prevent you from going to the back of the shop. Exit the shop and go S over the bridge and then W when you hit the street and enter the door on the to get into the Artists' Salon just S of the door is a pot with a Healing Herb. Talk to Business Obsessed Hock (he's standing by the moving sculpture in the center of the room) and he'll give you the password to get into the back room of the Boutique. Leave and head back to Ninn's. Try and go to the backroom the clerk will ask for the password select the “yes” option and you are good to go. On the far W side you'll find Weapon and Armor Seller Ninn. Buy two Steel Swords for Kaim and Seth and don't bother with a new staff for Jansen (you will get new staffs he can use eventually for free). There is a new accessory Alarm Clock that you don't have yet as well as any you may have missed ( Light Lens, or Circlet ) . He also sells Ring Components but before you start buying them there are a few things we need to do. In the SW corner is Traveling Ringmaker Trace talk to him. He makes rings with multiple effect by combining rings, which is really useful. Your first instinct of course is to make a bunch of spiffy new rings right now but before we do that let collect the rest of the items in town (some of which are ring components).

Get back to the main Street and return to where Stood-Up Menor was waiting for her date. Talk to them until they bring the chest over and open it for Mimint Ear. If you are a fan of kitty ears feel free to equip it right away on Kaim. Then return to Numara Palace Facade and talk to Animal Adoring Rona who has found her dog and will reward you with Kelo-Oil x3. Go back to the Main Street and take the W exit out of the zone.

Canal StreetEdit

Seed 36

Seed #38


Locations of all 3 Toys

Head W down the street but stay to the N side. There will be an opening in the railing before you go over the bridge (across from the save orb). Next to the door is a blue and white pot with a Mana Capsule. Head S and use the save orb, then cross the bridge. Stay to the north side when you leave the bridge there is a plant with red fruit just before the buildings start examine it for Seed # 38. To the W in the corner as the street turns NW you'll find 3 children talk to them. Agree to take their trial. They will give you hints on where to find each piece of treasure.

Head back to the bridge but keep to the S side. Just before the bridge is a flight of stairs that will lead to a platform that goes under the bridge. To the right of the blue tent is a shining object on the ground pick it up for the Model of Gondola. Get back on the street and go directly N of the flight of stairs, next to where you found seed # 38 and to the right of the stall there is something glittering on the ground. Pick it up for Large Balloon. Continue around the corner and down the street to unlock Don't Forget Me Now, You Hear? Dream. On the W side of the street behind a cart you will see a shining object on the ground pick it up for Doll in a Dress. Now that you have all 3 items return the the group of children and give each one their toy to be rewarded with Kelolon Earrings.

Make your way down the street until you come to the second (much smaller) bridge on the W side just before it starts is a blue and white pot with 10g. Cross the bridge but stay to the W side there is a plant with red fruit right after the bridge ends examine it for Seed # 39. Stay to the w side of the street and keep going till there is an opening in the railing you'll find a blue and white pot next to brown barrels containing Poisonous Bones x 5. On the W side before you run into the guard standing in the middle of the street you'll see a door you can go into, enter it.

Sanuman Family HouseEdit


Mighty Carapace

In the NE corner are two books you can read on the shelves. Just beyond the table on the N side is a blue door open it to enter a small bed room. The dresser has a Flare Bomb, the pot contains Mighty Carapace x 4 and the night stand in the NW corner has 10g Go into the kitchen area in the SW corner is a blue and white pot with a Mana Herb. Leave the house and get back on Canal Street. Head S keeping to the W side eventuality you'll come to a blue door (on the other side of the cart were you found the doll). Enter the door.

Katyla Family HouseEdit


Healing Herb

As soon as you get inside you'll find a blue and white pot with a Healing Herb. Examine the glowing object on the chair for Blinding Powder. You can read two books on the book shelf. The drawers in the bed room has 10g and the dresser has 100g. The pot in the kitchen behind Busy Mother Katira has Insect Innards x 4. Leave the house go E across the large bridge. Across from the save orb on the N side is a door, enter it.

Meia Family Art StudioEdit

As you enter you'll see a blue and white pot with Sticky Tape x5. In the NW corner is a glowing plant that has Mint Powder. Talk to Sculptor's Husband Maia he wants you to get some Crystal fragments from the Crimson Forest (19 of them actually). We will get to that latter for now go to the SE corner and enter the bedroom there's a white and blue pot just as you enter with a Healing Herb. The drawers contain 10g and Seed of Terror x4. Leave the bed room and go into the room were Sculptor Wife Kinil is working, there is a plant with Mysterious Perfume x 3.

Ok now it's time to go back and buy the things. I'd head back to Ninn's Boutique first and get ready to make some rings. While all the rings are worth making you don't need them all for the next area you'll be fighting monsters and the Ringmaker will be in pretty much all the towns from here on out. With that in mind I'd recommend making 2 Earth-Powered Rings, 2 Wind-Powered Rings, and as many Turtle Shell Rings as you can (which might mean none at all if you didn't get lucky with your drops). You'll want 2 Soul Rings and 2 Herculean Rings as well. The other elemental rings that Trace has available will be useful to you but aren't as important so if you are short on cash you can skip them. You'll also notice you have the materials to make “ultra” versions of the elemental rings. Ultra rings widen the area for good and perfect hits I like the combination rings Trance makes better (personal preference) but these are not bad and worth making if you have the materials and money to do so.

When you are done at Ninn's go to Nalia's Item Shop and buy whatever items you want and then go back to canal street. Once there take the NW exit out of the zone (on the other end of the street). You'll find your self in the Port of Numara use the save orb (You REALLY want to use this save orb right now trust me) and then go W and exit the zone.

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Whorl Uhra Ipsilon Mts Construction Base Sea of Baus White Boa Numara Ghost Town Crimson Forest

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