Hello and welcome to Disc 1 of Ilayas' Lost Odyssey Walk-through! This guide is made for Lost Odyssey Wiki and will utilize all the resources and images this site has to offer. The goal of this guide is to include all side quests, Optional zones and get the player all the achievements (with the possible exception of the perfect hit achievements as I can't make you hit perfects).

Seed Numbering

I'm going to be using the seed numbering order already on this site. Which is not precisely the same order I will be collecting the seeds in this guide so keep that in mind.


I will not reveal any plot points but I will be offering fore knowledge of upcoming boss fights and what would to do for prepare for them (in the most un-spoiler-ish way possible). If you didn't want a heads up of what's coming then you probably shouldn't be reading walk-throughs to beginning with.

Abbreviations and Directions

I will be using some abbreviations in this guide mainly for the cardinal directions. E = East, W = West, N = North, S = South, NE = North East, SW = South West ect.... I will be basing the cardinal directions on the mini map found in the top right corner of the screen. Any Right or Left directions I will be orientated to the screen if not otherwise specified.



I'd have complied the information contributed by the users here on Lost Odyssey Wiki and from many sources including but not limited too the wonderful guides on Game FAQs. In particular I'd like to thank Split Infinity for a fantastic guide that has been incredibly helpful and German Dragon who's walk through is already on this this site.

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