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When you start up a new game you'll be presented with a menu with a number of options for the game. The default options are fine but if you ever want to change them latter on you'll have access to this menu latter. The game starts with a cut seen that will introduce the main character and eventually grant you control of him.

Once you have control of Kaim you'll be faced with a group of Magic Khent Soldier. Don't worry you can't die so don't bother using items if your health gets low. Click the attack option and pick which ever Soldier you like and watch Kaim mow them down. After several turns you'll get a small cut scene and be presented with your first boss fight and you'll notice that you have “Defend” as an option in your menu.

Heavy Tank Boss fight
Heavy-tank 02Screen29Screen30
HP Element Type Susceptible To Weak Against
?? N/A N/A N/A N/A
Suggested Equipment Suggested Skills Suggested Party Make Up
Fire Damage Attack
Magma Blast:
Fire Damage Attack
Blade Up:
Raises the Blade
Blade Attack: Drops Blade causing significant damage.
When you select the attack option you'll be presented with two options Right or left. Select the right option first. You'll notice that once you attack some text on the screen informs you that the right's defense has been raised. If you attack the right unit again it won't do much damage so switch to the left. This is how the fight will continue just keep switching sides until the tank is dead.

The Heavy Tank has 3 actions it will take, the flame attack you can pretty much ignore. If it “raises blade” that means the next turn it's going to drop the blade on you. So it might be a good idea to select the newly available defend option.

Once you have both the right and left units destroyed the tank will not be able to hurt you. Finish off the fight to get a cut scene. Even if your health gets low don't worry about healing you can't die at this point.

Click Here for additional information and alternate strategies.

Drops Stolen Gold



Ram to get Bruiser Ring

Post cut scene you'll notice that not only is your health been restored but your clothing (and fabulous hair) is also in pristine condition. You now have full control of Kiam; to your right is a Save Orb walk to it and press A to save. If you die now it will be game over so keep that in mind while fighting. You might be tempted to do some grinding now that you have control but this is not a good area for it (don't worry I'll tell you what areas are good for grinding). So don't linger any longer then you need to. The glowing red ground will hurt you so avoid it. As you walk forward you'll trigger a scripted battle event with two Insane Khent Soldiers. They are very weak and can be killed with one attack. Hug the E side of the mini map before as you approach some wreckage you'll see “ram” as an option. Press A and revive some Healing Medicine . Then go to the west side and ram the wreckage to continue on ward and to receive a Bruiser Ring and start the Ring system tutorial. After the tutorial press the y button to access your inventory you'll notice the bruiser ring has been equipped.

Moving forward on the right side there are some more wreckage that you can ram to receive an Angel's Plume. Past the Angle's Plume also on the right side there is more wreckage containing a Mana Herb. Move to the left side you'll see a flashing light on the ground (right before the zone change) when you approach it you'll be given the option to pick it up. Do so and receive a Name Plate. There's nothing you do can with it now but you'll be glad you picked it up latter.

Edge of WastelandEdit


Mana Herb

On the left side of the screen you'll eventually come across a box walk into it to receive Healing Medicine. Continue up the path and you'll find another box containing a Mana Herb. There's nothing more to do here so make your way to the next zone.


Use the Save Orb and continuing forward (past the orb) you'll find a box on the right side of the screen run into it and get a Healing Medicine. You'll get a short scene if you continue forward. After the scene open the 2 chests in front of you for Whetstone x 4 (this will trigger the Ring assembly Tutorial which must be viewed before you can leave the zone) and Angel's Plume. Then turn around back the way you came for two boxes containing a Mana Herb and Healing Medicine. You can talk to the people there if you wish but there is nothing else that you need to do here so walk to the vehicles to leave the zone. Once you leave you won't be able to come back so make sure you have done everything you want.

Armored VehicleEdit


Kaim in the Armored Vehicle

talk to people and move to the end of the car to advance the plot. No items to find here.

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Whorl Uhra Ipsilon Mts Construction Base Sea of Baus White Boa Numara Ghost Town Crimson Forest

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