HP Element Type Row
2,320 None Kelolon Back
Abilities: Barricade, Shield, Heal
Weak Against: Kelo-Killer Rings

Bodyguard X 2
HP Element Type Row
16,240 None Kelolon Front
Abilities: Kelolon Rush, Powerus
Weak Against: Kelo Killer Rings

Flavor Text:

Class: Super Heavy Class

Victory Conditions (2 Stars):

  • Defeat All Enemies

Secret Victory Conditions (3 Stars):

  • Kill the Kelo-Thug before it flees

Three Star Victory Strategy

Use Gamble on silver Kelolon early, or use Ultimate Hit on all (after casting faster on people w/ Ultimate Hit)

2 Star Reward: 5 Kelolon Heart

3 Star Reward: Slot Seed

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