Location: Kelolon Village - Dive to the ocean floor east of the Northern Shore of Ipsilon landing point, swim through the hole on the south wall, and surface to reach Kelolon Village.

NPC Type: Shop Keeper

Availability: This shop is available till the end of the game.



Item Price Function
Heal Full 1,080g
Mana Prime 1,620g
Goddess Medicine 4,050g Revives a KO'd alley with full HP.


Type Name Power Cost
Sword Kelonga Sword 195 30,000g
Staff Rune Stick 42 32,000g


Type Spell Price
White Resurrect 30,000g


Item Price
Poisonous Bones 1,000g
Dragon Scale 2,000g
Ultra Paralysis Fluid 1,000g
Spent Magic Engine 1,000g
Manacles of Despair 1,000g
Mist of Darkness 1,000g
Demon Sculpture 1,000g
Gorgon Mask 2,000g
Magic-Sealing Vase 30g
Blood Cloth Crystal 50g
Jet Black Cloth 180g
Invisibility Potion 2,000g
Flower of Suspicion 60g
Vampire Bottle 25g
Guardian Ore 80g
Magic Power Device 60g

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