The Kelolon Tournament is a tournament in Kelolon Village to decide the strongest Kelolon. The winner gets a chance to challenge King Kelolon. Cooke decides to enter this battle so she might learn the King's White Magic.

Battle 1: Kelo-KelolonEdit

HP: 460

Type: Kelolon

Element: Water

Stamping - approx. 230 dmg per hit
Kelolon - Kelolon Status

bada-boing- turns into 5 kelons

Equip a ring that does ground damage and attack as Grounda only does about 30 dmg.

Battle 2: Uncle KelolonEdit

HP: 700
Type: None
Element: None

Attack for about 170 dmg per hit

Skill- This is my wife (call in a magic using kelolon)

Equip a damage up/critical up ring and just keep attacking.

Battle 3: Self-Claimed Lv 99Edit

HP: 770
Type: Kelolon
Element: Water

Attacks for about 185 and will sometimes cause Blind.

Don't use magic as he will magic-counter for about 600 or more. Equip a ground ring and just attack.

Battle 4: MackEdit

Type: N/A
Element: N/A

Taunt & Attack for 105 dmg per hit.

Two Flaras will knock him out.

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