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Khent is one of four nations in the world of Lost Odyssey, although it is not listed as such in the game manual and has greatly declined by the time the game begins. Its citizens are canine-like beastmen.

There are many indications in the game that Khent might have actually been anexxed by Gohtza. Probably the most prominent is that the Khent soldiers seen in the opening cinematic of the game are wearing Gohtzan armor. Secondly, Khent is an ally of Gohtza, despite many centuries of conflict between the two nations. Third, a history book in the game mentions many nations around Gohtza that do not appear to exist anymore; this might mean that they were all conquered by Gohtza and that Khent was finally being assimilated as well.

The Khent race is described by a Gohtzan historian as aggressive. They value military might. The same historian mentions that Khent foregoes other essentials in favor of raw power, which brought about a young Gohtza's victory over Khent because the Khents failed to realize the effects that Gohtza's rapid growth might have.

Khent is seen at war with Uhra at the start of the game. While tragedy at the Highlands of Wohl devastated both parties, Khent bore the brunt of it as their civilization was all but destroyed. Later, it is implied that Khent was somehow wiped out following the freezing of Gohtza since it becomes inaccesible thereafter.The Khent race might be on the verge of extinction as a result. The city of Khent can be visited on disc 3 after traversing the Ice Canyon, although there is virtually nothing to do there.

After disk 3, you can no longer go to Khent.

Side QuestsEdit


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