Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
Killalon Japanese
HP Element Type SP Gold
108,800 none Mechanical
?? ??
Dropped Stolen Location
None None Experimental Staff Remains
Susceptible To:
Weak Against:
Machine Killer Rings, Kelo-Killer Rings
Annihilation One Hit KO on your party, counter with Complete Defense.
All Fall Decrease your party status.
Forceus Inflicts powerful physical damage to a single target.
Generatus Heals HP first turn that it is cast on, keeps regenerating a big amount each consecutive turn.
Kelo-timate Hit
Prismus Deal massive random elemental damage on all targets.
Regenerus Strong HP regeneration to single target.
Reflect Creates a barrier that reflects magic to a single target.

Boss Strategy

Killalon is the fruit of Professor K's work driven by the mad scientist himself. When the facility is evacuated, he refuses to leave. The boss is found at the end of the research facility in the DLC.


Divide works well, but he casts Annihilation which is party wide death.

He may be harder than the Immortal One if you do not know what you're doing and get your party wiped out by Annihilation. Most people that beat him used the new DLC items like Accelerator (Reduce Casting Time 3) or Rose Quartz (Turn Cast).

These items are obtained from mini bosses you encounter in random fights along the last 9 levels (16B to 24B). However, some people claim to never get these items (rare drop) even after 5 hours.

In this video, I will provide rough details on how to defeat Professor K in 3 Turns.

Before the fight, get your Immortals' HP down to 1 to 1000. You can do this by fighting Hellish Kelolons (Black Kelolons in 24B). Note that this must be done by 24B as there are no more random encounters after 24B. Attack these Kelolons normally and they will perform counters, usually taking your characters to near death. Use Complete Defence to keep low health characters alive and Turn Tail when all Immortals have yellow HP.

Heal Sed to full health and put him in the front row (so he will tank the few Forceus that Professor K casts) and the Immortals in the back row.

Equip Sed with the Cursed Crest, Holy Guard and Quad-Element Seal.

Once the battle starts, just keep casting Reversa and hope for the best. If you're unlucky, Professor K will cast Reflect on his 2nd turn, meaning that your party will suffer 4 reflected Reversas hitting for about 40000 each. This is where Persistence pays off, if you have 2 HP or 860 HP, a 40000 reflected Reversa will only whack your HP down to 1.

You can use Divide and complete defense but that means that your party can last only so many turns. Because Professor K always has Regenerus and Annihilation at his disposal, you will never be able to cover the 20400 HP he heals while ressurecting your party members who fall to Annihilation. This is definitely not a fight you can win if you play defensively and stretch it out.

ANOTHER STRATEGY, look at this video

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