Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
King Kelolon
King-kelolon 01
HP Element Type SP Gold
11,340 Water Kelolon 10 10,000
Dropped Stolen Location
Kelonga Crown Kelonga Crown Kelolon Village
Susceptible To:
Immune to All Status Effects
Weak Against:
Element Earth Kelo Killer Rings
Coverus Creates a strong barrier that absorbs damage
Divide Inflicts damage on all enemies based on the caster's current HP

Boss Strategy

This fight is generally pretty easy, as the boss will just cast Coverus on itself most of the time. Sometimes, he casts Divide. Just hit him with everything you have, and he'll go down fast.

A giant, red Kelolon who leads his species from the hidden Kelolon Village. Prior to the team coming to the village, he was undefeated in the Kelolon tournament, due to his use of very powerful white magic. Cooke decides to enter the tournament, held to determine the strongest Kelolon, to win the white magic that makes him so powerful. After Cooke wins the tournament, King Kelolon is impressed by her and asks if she would like to take his hand in marriage.

Winning the ensuing battle with the King, nets you an XBox 360 Achievement, the Level 8 White Magic spell Divide, and the Kelonga Crown with the MP Max Up 4 skill.

Cooke must be in the party.