Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
Legendary Spirit Sorcerer Fu
Fu 02
HP Element Type SP Gold
22400 Earth Spirit Magic 10 5,000
Dropped Stolen Location
Slot Seed Slot Seed Temple of Enlightenment
Susceptible To:
Weak Against:
Element Wind; Spirit Killer Rings
Halberd of the Heavens Cast every 3 turns; A very high-damage spell
Three Waves Attacks up to three times; hits any character
Delete All Removes status buffs; used automatically whenever one is cast
Obsidian Ceremony Summons an Obsidian Miasma
Recall Soul Ceremony Summons two Reverse Souls
All-Fall Reduces all party member's stats
Shuffle Changes Party formation

Boss Strategy

After hours of challenging puzzles in the Temple of Enlightenment , you will face Fu to prove that you are worthy of his Spirit Magic.

The battle will start off with Fu summoning an Obsidian Miasma with 16,800HP. Once it is defeated, Fu will quickly follow up by summoning two Reverse Souls with 22,400HP each. When either a soul or Fu gets low on health, the Reverse Soul will use Sacrifice Self which will heal Fu and summon a new Reverse Soul with full health. Once the one Reverse Soul is defeated, the second Reverse Soul's casting time for Sacrifice Self will be dramatically shortened; counter this by casting Death on the second one. It takes the Reverse Soul two turns to cast Sacrifice Self so you must be able to eliminate it within that time. Once both Souls are defeated, you can focus on Fu himself. He can not heal himself in any way at this point, so you just need to focus on whittling away at his health.

Defeating him will unlock an Xbox 360 Achievement and the level 8 Spirit Magic: Sacrifice Self.

Mack must be in your party for this battle. The boss will use All-Fall and lower your party's stats along with Delete-All to remove any stat buffs from your party. Shuffle will be used to mess with your formation and Halberd of the Heavens can quite possibly eliminate your entire party so have Persistence equipped. Any skills or equipment that enable the Absorb Attack and Absorb Magic skills will be greatly helpful here.

He can be weakened by Ailment Break.

Strategy 2

Have Kaim and Seth in front, with Ming, Mack, and Sarah in back. After defeating Obsidian Miasma, your attackers will be able to get a hit at Fu before he summons Reverse Souls.

Have Kaim and Seth equipped with either Wind of Spirit Magic killer rings attack Fu, and have Ming and Sarah double cast Gamble with Fu as the target. Either have Mack attack with the other two, or have him use Gamble. Even with the enemy GC gauge filled up again, Gamble, if lucky, could take Fu out in that or the next turn. If you have to go into another turn, have Kaim and Seth attack one of the Reverse Souls and have Ming, Sarah, and Mack casting Gamble as many times as they can.

Take out the Reverse Souls with a combination of Fire rings and Flara/Flarus.

Additional strategy:

If you cast Seal on a Reverse Soul before it uses Sacrifice Self, the spell will miss the target and it will simply suicide, leaving you to fight Legendary spirit Fu by himself.

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