Defeat the Blue Dragon for your reward

Type: Black Magic

Level: 8

MP Cost: 150

Casting Time: 4S

Effect: Inflicts damage on one enemy based on your current HP. This is the most powerful Black Magic spell in the game.

Damage: This is as said the most powerful Black Magic spell in the game, it`s exact damage is based on the Magic Attack (= MA) of your character, the Magic Defense (= MD) of the opponent and the Current Guard Condition (= GC).

The Damage Equation is:
( (MA x 9.31) - ( (MA / 10.5) * MD) ) = Total Damage

Depending on the GC of the opponent, you have to divide the total damage by 10, ~2 and ~1.5 respectively.

Credit goes to sakurayule for figuring this out.

Obtained: Snowfields of the Northern Land - Reward for Defeating Blue Dragon Boss.

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