Lost Odyssey Enemy
Mad Carpace
HP Element Type SP Gold
105 Water Hardened 1 55
Location Encountered Dropped
Sea of Baus Hard Skin
Stolen Rare Steal
Hard Skin None
Abilities: Downswing
Susceptible To: Paralysis, Poison
Weak Against: Element Earth, Hardened Killer Rings


These guys are big, and they look pretty tough, but they are actually pretty weak -- at least as far as their defense goes. They are hardened, so your physical damage is lessened, but this attribute is offset by the fact that their HP is so low. It will only take you two swings to take them down. A single cast of Ground will also do it. The thing to watch out for, though, is their attack. They deal a bit of damage with their regular attacks, but when they use Downswing it's not good for you. That deals several times the damage of their normal attacks, and can be used in a single one of their turns.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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