Level 2


Level 3

Type: Valuable, Side Quest Item

Obtained: Level 1 - Disc 2 Mountain Village of Tosca - Talk to Curious Telt this will start the Treasure Hunt tutorial.

Level 2 - Disc 4 - The Great Ancient Ruins - Hanging Corridor - In a chest next to the Save Orb.
Level 3 - Disc 4 - Pirate Fortress - Sed's Studio - This zone is reachable after you have the White Boa.

Used for: The Magic-Powered Locator is used to find Treasure Hunt Treasures. Each hunt has a level assigned to it. While most are level one there are a few that are two and three. The higher level treasure hunts can be unlocked even if the player's magic powered locator isn't a high enough level; but the treasure it's self can not be found if they don't have a high enough level locator. Even if the player goes to the correct location. Higher level locators will still work for lower level treasure hunts.

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