Lost Odyssey Enemy
Magic Insect B
HP Element Type SP Gold
590 Wind Organic 1 150
Location Encountered Dropped
Experimental Staff Insect Innards
Bug's Stomach
Paraweed Thorn
Wind Seal Leaf
Stolen Rare Steal
Giant Feeler None
Abilities: Charge, Forcea
Susceptible To: Blind, Curse, Dizzy, Poison, Terror, Toxin, Virus
Weak Against: Element Fire, Bio Killer Rings


When you faced these guys back on Disc 1, at the Sea of Baus, they were jokes. Now, they're not so lame. True, they still fall easily enough with a Flara spell or a couple of physical attacks, but they come in groups. Also, if you don't take them out fast, and they have time to use Charge, things might get painful. If one of these guys hits you with Forceus after using Charge, whoever they hit will indeed die. It will do nearly 2,000 damage. Don't give them time to do that and you're all set, though.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

Alternate StrategyEdit

Magic insects are what they appear to be- easily quashed sword fodder with a predictable pattern. These bugs use Charge as a prerequisite to their Forcea attack; a one-two punch that can be extremely dangerous if underestimated. Forcea can penetrate Cover and Covera barriers, and is extremely effective at punching through magic defenses. Ignore buffing spells and attack the bugs with Kaim, Seth, or the Fire Element. Single the bugs out and drop them before they can cast, but with luck you'll have a Spellcaster with All-Flare/Flara charging up to counterattack. Otherwise, be prepared to heal large sums of HP.

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