Lost Odyssey Enemy
Magic Insect D
HP Element Type SP Gold
1,260 Wind Organic 1 160
Location Encountered Dropped
Grand Staff Black Monster Bug Oil
Stolen Rare Steal
Bug's Stomach Giant Feeler
Abilities: Normal attacks may cause Paralysis
Susceptible To: Blind, Curse, Seal, Virus
Weak Against: Element Fire, Bio Killer Rings


By the time you face this version of the Magic Insect,you should have a pretty good idea how they act in battles. Their HP has been beefed up a bit, but really, it's more of the same. Hit them with a couple of physical attacks or a Flara/Flarus spell to drop them. The only reason they are at all formidable is because they come in huge groups, usually protecting an Explosive Bug.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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