Lost Odyssey Enemy
Magic Pebble
HP Element Type SP Gold
50 Earth Magic 1 10
Location Encountered Dropped
Ipsilon Mountains Healing Medicine
Stolen Rare Steal
Ground Bomb None
Abilities: Shield Effect, Ground Mine Effect, Barrier Effect
Susceptible To: Blind, Curse, Paralysis, Petrify, Poison, Sleep, Terror, Toxin, Virus
Weak Against: Element Wind, Magic Killer Rings


Two magic Pebbles will come alongside any Magic Rocks you find. The one on the left, if defeated, will knock out the Magic Rock's Shield and Magic Defense Up attributes. The on on the right, if knocked out, will take down the Rock's Barrier and Magic Attack Up attributes. Their physical defense is very high though, so use Wind spells to take the Pebbles down. If there happens to be a third Magic Pebble, it will control an Earth Mine attribute for the magic rock; in other words, while it exists, the Magic Rock will counter your attacks with an earth-based attack.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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