Seed 41

Seed #41

Seed 43

Seed #43

Location: The Maze of Gloom is located in the Crimson Forest.

Side QuestsEdit

Points of InterestEdit


  • Angel's Plume - Right from the Save Orb, ram the rock pillar.
  • Crystal Fragment - Immediately to the left of the save point as you enter
  • Crystal Fragment - Along the path to the right, after the Angel's Plume
  • Crystal Fragment - Along the path to the right, just before the first fork
  • Crystal Fragment - South of the Anti-Paralysis Herb
  • Crystal Fragment - North of the Anti-Paralysis Herb
  • Crystal Fragment - South of Seed #41
  • Anti-Paralysis Herb - Right from the save orb, left at the first fork, then stay left until you see another rock pillar. Ram it.
  • Seed #41 - In a stone pillar on the left side just before the entrance to the Near Swamp zone.

Items Acquired After Mack Joins the Party

  • Seed #43 - Once Mack rejoins your party & the platforms are activated, use the first elevator you come to the South West. The seed is found in a stone pillar after the tree bridge.
  • Demon Warrior's Blade - Middle of the western most path, ride the elevator up and ram the stone pillar.
  • Demon Warrior Ring - Found with Demon Warrior's Blade

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