Jansen makes a humble suggestion

Seed 18

Seed #18

Location: Ipsilon Mountains

Points of InterestEdit

  • There is a Save Orb to the left on the bottom floor
  • The beds upstairs fully restore the party
  • There is a diary on the book shelf that warns of a beast


Name Location Acquired
Seed #18 Right side of the bottom floor "Probe" vase
Search Glasses Bottom floor on a cupboard to the right of the stairs. "Examine" the lamp on the cupboard to reveal a white glint "Examine" flashing object
Antidote Bottom floor to the left of the stairs "Probe" vase
Power Drink In the southwest corner of the bottom floor next to some boxes and crates "Probe" vase
Shield (White Magic) Under the center bed upstairs. "Examine" the lamp on the stand to reveal a white glint "Pick up" flashing object

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