Slotseed 07

Slot Seed

Seed 31

Seed #31

Seed 32

Seed #32

Seed 33

Seed #33

Seed 35

Seed #35


Shine Spell

Location: Free Ocean State of Numara



Side Quests and ErrandsEdit


Name Location Acquired
Seed #31 South end on the wall near the woman waiting for her date "Examine" red object
Seed #32 On a wall along the bridge that connects the southern and northern streets "Examine" red object
Seed #33 At the corner of Ninn's Boutique at the entrance to an alley "Examine" red object
Seed #34 On the left hand wall in the alley next to Ninn's Boutique "Examine" red object
Slot Seed Climb the ladder at the end of the same alley and follow the path to another ladder that leads to a water-side platform "Open" treasure chest
Seed #35 In an alley at the northwest next to Nalia's Item Shop "Examine" red object
Shine (White magic) Talk to Absent-Minded Cocktis behind Nalia's Item Shop. Access area through the back door of the shop after playing hide-and-seek with Chuchu "Open" treasure chest
Mimint Ear Talk to Absent-Minded Cocktis and Stood-Up Menor on the southern gondola after you have spoken to Cocktis behind the item shop "Open" treasure chest

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