Numara Atoll
First Accessible Availability
Disc 2 after acquiring the Slantnose Available throughout the game.
Save Orb Refresh Orb Seeds Slot Seed
Near the entrance. N/A N/A N/A
Points of Interest
Achievement Visiting this zone does count for the "Well Traveled" achievement.
Ming's Harp image

Ming Playing Her Harp

Locations: To find this area, use either the Slantnose or the Nautilus to travel north of Numara until you reach what looks like a cluster of small islands set inland, surrounded by a thin circle of land. Its relatively easy to find, and not too far north of Numara.

Numara Atoll is said to be the home of the Holy Beast, which Ming believes existed many years before Numara came to be. Ming herself lived amongst the welcoming people who lived here, where she says she learned a great deal.

Numara Atoll if you visit this zone as soon as it becomes available in disc 2 chances are you aren't going to be a high enough level to defeat any of the enemies there. If you still wish to collect the items found in this zone it's recommended that you equip the skill Turn-Tail as on as many party members as possible and just run away from any battles.

As soon as you get the spell Gamble however, this becomes an excellent place to train and learn skills. First, be sure to skill link Casting Support on Kaim and Seth, then make your party consist of Kaim, Seth, Sarah, Ming, and any of the mortals. Run around the area until you come across a fight with Silver Kelolon(s) ONLY (flee from Hell Shakers until you are strong enough to defeat one. You can use the Alternate Strategy #3 on the Hell Shaker page to defeat them around level 25). Have Kaim and Seth use Casting Support on Sarah and Ming, and have them both cast Gamble on the Silver Kelolon(s). If luck is on your side, it will kill them, and they each give you 8 SP and a guaranteed level-up until you get around level 40!



Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Hell Shaker 9,120 None Water Ground Shake, All-Aquarus Healing Herb Beat Stone, Iron Ball of Ruin
Holy Beast+ 14,020 Beast Water Aqua Mine, All-Groundus, All-Aquarus, All-Windus, All-Sleep, Hopelessness 1000 Year Memories 1000 Year Memories
Silver Kelolon B 980 Kelolon Water Kelolon, Flee Mana Herb Rainbow Coral, Glacial Ice

Bosses Highlighted

+ Optional Boss

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