Lost Odyssey Enemy
Numara Cavalry
Numara-cav 03
HP Element Type SP Gold
370 None None 1 ??
Location Encountered Dropped
Ghost Town Junk Parts
Stolen Rare Steal
None None
Abilities: Rush
Susceptible To: Immune to all status aliments
Weak Against: No Inherit Weaknesses


When the soldiers attack you when you first meet Cooke and Mack two of these guys will be hanging out in the back row. Their attack is higher than the regular Numara Soldiers, and they also have the move Rush, which they'll use frequently. It just does physical damage, but it does a lot of it: nearly 200 (300 at LV18). They're the biggest threat in the fight, but since they're in the back row you should take out the soldiers first. All-Shield and Zephyr help tremendously against them.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

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