Lost Odyssey Enemy
Numara Soldier C
HP Element Type SP Gold
300 None None 1 ??
Location Encountered Dropped
Ghost Town Junk Parts
Stolen Rare Steal
None None
Abilities: Guard
Susceptible To: Immune to all status aliments
Weak Against: No Inherent Weaknesses


The soldiers that attack you when you first meet Cooke and Mack have a higher attack than the previous two types of soldiers you've met, and HP somewhere in the middle. Like the others, they make up for their attack stat (which still isn't very good) with their number. These ones also have the additional reason to be around, in that they protect the two Numara Cavalries which are in the back row, hitting you for heavier damage. Target these guys with your physical attacks and magic one at a time to clear the way to hurting the cavalries. These guys are the smaller concern of the two, but they have to be dealt with first.

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

Alternate StrategyEdit

These guys hit hard and fast. The easiest way to defeat the group of them is to just use Bombs. Since they are items Your characters will go first before any of enemies do. If you have been diligent in collecting items up until this point you shouldn't even need to buy extra.

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