Lost Odyssey Enemy Boss
Obsidian Tentacles
Obsidian-tentacles 01
HP Element Type SP Gold
300 each None Magic 0 0
Dropped Stolen Location
None None Sorcerer's Shrine
Susceptible To:
Immune to All Status Effects
Weak Against:
Magic Killer Rings
Black Whip
Powera increases attack power of one enemy
Soul Drain steals HP of one party member
Energy Drain Steals MP of one party member
Slower slows attacking speed of one party member

Boss Strategy

Boss 3

See Obsidian Miasma Strategy

Information from German Dragon's FAQ/Walkthrough

Alternate StrategyEdit

Cooke recklessly tries to save Mack, and is captured by the tentacles of this monster. You have to fight this boss to get Cooke back, then you have to fight Obsidian Miasma to save Mack. This boss is extremely easy, the next one is somewhat harder, but should not really be a threat to a party that is at least level 20.

Kill Tentacle C first, as it holds Cooke. If you do not she will die, and cause a Game over. Keep HP up using Zephyr and an all sheild/barricade if you have the time. The boss will Die quick enough.

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