Old Sorceress' Mansion
First Accessible Availability
Disc 2, after you leave Tosca for the first time. Available throughout the game.
Save Orb Refresh Orb Seeds Slot Seed
Entrance Hall N/A N/A N/A
Points of Interest
Monsters After you complete the Old Sorceress boss fight and leave this zone the monsters will be gone when you come back.

This mansion was the home of Kaim, Sarah, and Lirum in the past. They lived there until shortly after Lirum's supposed death (the fact that non-player characters ask about Lirum in the game suggests that Kaim and Sarah moved away before Lirum's absence was noticed). After the family's vacation of the building, the people of Tosca maintained it until Sarah returned under the guise of the Old Sorceress. Afterward, Kaim and the rest of the party discover it in a wrecked state. In order to preserve her past, Sarah created an alternate world within the mirrors where everything appears to be as they were when Lirum was still a child. The mansion does have ghostly characteristics which hint it may be haunted. At one point you can here a blood-curdling scream and see a person standing in the mirror, however the person quickly disappears.


Side QuestsEdit


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Ageless One 440 Magic None Aquara, Grounda Gale Wing Wind Seal Leaf, Sticky Tape, Whetstone
Body of Thought 1,550 Magic Changes Scream, Grudge, Envy, Enrage None None
Persona+ 12780 None Wind Shinus, Death, All-Stone, Darkness, Curse 88 Caliber Magic Rifle 88 Caliber Magic Rifle
Soul Armor 350 Magic None Seal, Minda Frontier Siderite Quality Iron Sand, Seed of Terror
Tempter 550 Magic None Stone, Powera, Soul Absorb Waterfall Cluster Mysterious Perfume, Cold Water Stone
Unidentified Life Form 510 Magic None Fear Sun Crystal Magma Fragment, Black Pearl Powder

Bosses Highlighted

+Optional Boss

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