Make sure to move the saute to the right


Large Mirror Jewel

Location: In the Old Sorceress' Mansion.

Side QuestsEdit


  • Poem Fragment B - Flashing object on the desk to your right as you enter
  • Large Mirror Jewel - Appears after winning the fight at the middle door
  • 4 Black Pearl Powder - In a chest on the left side of he hallway after returning from beyond the mirror
  • Celestial Plate - In a chest blocked by a statue. Available after moving the statue beyond the mirror
  • Poem Fragment C - At the end of the hallway. Available after returning from beyond the mirror

Items Found Beyond the Mirror

  • Mana Capsule - Right of the hallway, left pot of the two pots
  • Winda Bomb - Right of the hallway, right pot of the two pots

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