Aqua Mine


Knight Earrings

Location: In the Experimental Staff.

Points of InterestEdit

  • There are parts of this zone blocked off by barriers. The only way you can get past them is by using a Guard Pass. You can get Guard Passes by stealing from Uhran Guardsman. Each has only one pass. If you kill them they do not drop a pass.


  • Aqua Mine (Black magic spell) - After the cutscene with the two guards, take a small red platform South, then lift the crate to the East to access the chest.
  • 4 Pendulum - Descend the ladder immediately before the lift to the next area. It's in a chest at the end of the path.
  • Knight Earrings - Beyond the South Western most security barrier. Requires Gate Pass.
  • 3 Bug's Stomach - Down the stairs from the Knight Earrings, operate the lift to raise the chest.

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