Location: City of SamanPort of SamanOreego's Emporium

Alternate Location: When you first come to Saman he is in Audun's Item Shop. After you return from Experimental Staff he is in Oreego's Emporium for the remainder of the game.

NPC Type: Shop Keeper

Availability: This shop is available throughout the game.



Type Name Power Price
Sword Hard Spatha 60 2,000g
Staff Elder Baton 20 2,200g
Staff Bright Ankh 20 2,080
Discus Power Shell 40 2,190


Item Enhancement Price
Sword Teachings Weapon Guard 1,100g
Sorcerer Earrings Level 4 Black-White Magic 1,200g
Magic Trial Record Level 2 Composite Magic 2,500g
Antidote Brooch Anti-Poison 280g
Lion Heart Anti-Terror 1,000g
Seal Blocker Anti-Seal 1,000g
Yellow Band Anti-Paralysis 450g
Gold Spirit Band Level 4 Spirit Magic 1,200g


Item Price
Magma Fragment 30g
Cold Water Stone 30g
Wind Seal Leaf 30g
Quality Iron Sand 30g
Beast's Horn 35g
Junk Parts 50g
Mysterious Perfume 125g
Insect Innards 25g
Sharp Beak 40g
Hard Skin 20g
Eastern Red Ore 50g
Poison Oil 80g
Paraweed Thorn 75g
Blinding Powder 150g
Sandman's Seal 25g
Magic-Luring Stone 50g
Sticky Tape 20g
Blood Sucking Needle 50g
Whetstone 15g
Black Pearl Powder 25g