The Orichalcum is a rare ore that is required to make an item set for Kaim or Seth.

Required To Get One of The Followings Items ComboEdit

For Kaim

For Seth

Where to FindEdit

Orichalcum location


Temple of Enlightenment - The Corridor of Timelessness
After you find the Save Sphere, the Orichalcum is not that far now, starting from the save sphere follow the path of blocks to the East (about 2 blocks), North (3 blocks), West (4 blocks), North (5 blocks), East to the end and North again, go up a level using the platform and another level by using the nearest platform on the North (Should be visible as soon as you get on this level), the box with the item it's on the farthest south-western end, you have to walk a little until you get there.

You must give the Orichalcum to Blacksmith Lau who is on the Mining Site on the Ipsilon Mountains, enter through the south and keep climbing until you see him near a big mining drill, facing a dead tree, them he ask to whom the items is gonna be made, choose between Kaim or Seth. It's impossible to get both of the item combos since there's only one Orichalcum on the game and they don't have any effects on your achievement progress.


  • Both Kaim and Seth have unique swords with 254 power (the Siderite Sword and the Gravity Rave respectively). So the choice is mostly preference on which character gets the sword with the additional 23 power.

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