Seed 83

Seed #83

Location: In the Burning Cave

Side QuestsEdit


  • Seed #83 - In the first geyser you come to (grab it when the geyser isn't spraying water)
  • 1000 G - From Seed #83, head down and to the right past another geyser. The gold will be shortly past that in another geyser.
  • 3 Seal Cross - South from the chest containing Cubic Music Score 6, in a line of geysers there's a glowing object in the middle geyser
  • 500 G - Short distance southwest of the Seal Crosses, pick up a flashing object in a geyser.
  • 5 Beat Stone - East from the Seal Cross' on a raised ledge there's a chest
  • Cubic Music Score 6 - North past two geysers that are blocking the path, in a chest at the end.

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