1. of Seeds
20 Seeds Adamantis
Adamantis Ring
40 Seeds Earth Charm
60 Seeds Power Bangle
80 Seeds Gigantes Brooch
99 Seeds Pipot Collar

A Pipot is a pot-dwelling animal found throughout the world at various locations. They primarily act as a place to exchange all the seeds you've been collecting for desirable items (as the seeds serve no other function on their own). Every 20 seeds turned in is awarded with a prize.

Pipots also can exchange common Usable Items for less common and/or more powerful usable items. Each Pipot has different items that it can and will exchange.

The Pipots also play a major role in the Pipot's Favorite Seeds Side quest. It starts in the Gohtzan Refugee Camp and ends in the Pirate Fortress where the player is awarded the Bracelet Of Efficiency.

Pipot LocationsEdit

City of Uhra
Pipot uhra
The Castle Station
Next to the benches.
Construction Base
Pipot constrution-base
In the north east corner next to the stairway.
City of Numara
Pipot ghost-town
Funeral Beach
By Cooke & Mack's House
Mountain Village Tosca
Pipot tosca
Old Man Bosso's House
Upstairs next to the bed.
City of Saman
Pipot saman
Erlio Family House
Along the right wall.
Gohtzan Refugee Camp
Pipot refugee-camp
Medical Tent
Along the back wall
Pirate Fortress
Pipot pirate
Exit the Studio descend 2 ladders & chase the penguin
White Boa
Pipot whiteboa
Accessible in Disc 4

Item ExchangeEdit

HP &MP Recovery
Items Result
4 Healing Medicines Healing Herb
2 Mana Herbs Mana Capsule
1 Healing Herb
3 Healing Medicines
Healing Tank
1 Healing Medicine
2 Healing Herbs
1 Healing Tank
3 Mana Herbs
1 Mana Capsule
Mana Bottle
1 Mana Capsule
2 Mana Herb
1 Mana Bottle
Mana Prime
1 Healing Medicine
1 Mana Capsule
Healing Potion
1 Healing Herb
1 Mana Bottle
Soul Medicine
1 Healing Tank
1 Mana Bottle
Angel's Plume
1 Heal-Full
1 Mana Prime
Goddess Medicine

Curing Items

Items Result
Antidote Anti-Paralysis Herb
Anti-Paralysis Herb Eye Drops
Eye Drops Smelling Salts
Smelling Salts Antidote
Smelling Salts
Blazing Ruby
Bind Healer
Brave Fruit Seal Clear
Seal Clear Brave Fruit
Stone Beast's Thorn White Flame Rock
White Flame Rock Bind Healer
Bind Healer Blazing Ruby
Blazing Ruby Mint Powder
Mint Powder Stone Beast's Thorn

Damage Items

Items Result
3 Level 1 Bombs 1 Level 2 Bomb
2 Level 1 Bombs
2 Level 2 Bombs
1 Level 3 Bomb
1 Aqua Bomb
1 Flare Bomb
1 Ground Bomb
1 Wind Bomb
1 Power Drink