Professor K is a Kelolon who is fought alongside his invention, the Killalon, in the Experimental Staff Remains on the Seeker of the Deep DLC

Professor K
Professor k
Professor K and Killalon in battle
Vital statistics
Title Professor
Gender Male
Race Kelolon
Mortality Mortal
Faction {{{faction}}}
Health 108000
Level 80+
Status {{{status}}}
Location Experimental Staff Remains (Seeker of the Deep DLC)


Professor K was hired as an employee on the Experimental Staff Remains. During his time there, he created many wondrous and deadly creations, many of which he was praised for. As time went on, the researchers he worked with became skeptical of his prototype's external designs, but continued to offer him their support. When evacuation was ordered due to the instability of the Staff, he refused to leave his work and remained behind. Professor K is encountered on the bottom-most floor of the Experimental Grand Staff Remains. He drives the Killalon, toted as his greatest invention, and serves as the boss of the dungeon.


All immortals above must have 9999 HP and must be in back row. Sed must be in front row and equip him with HP +3, Absorb All Elements and Crisis Defence. Before you battle, get all immortals HP to 1 or any other number under 500. To do this battle Dark Kelolons on the floor 24b. They will counter all normal attacks and then just Turn Tail when persistance puts you down to 1 HP. On to Killalon! First turn, Sed defend then all immortals use reversa with double cast. Killalon should use Regenerus (no harm done... yet). Second turn, Sed defend (if still alive) and all immortals double cast reflect and then reversa. Professor K should use reflect so don't worry if he does, although you will lose a lot of HP. Third turn use reversa with the immortals that are left and Professor K should eat the floor.

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