Lost Odyssey Enemy
HP Element Type SP Gold
21,120 Fire Spirit Magic 2


Location Encountered Dropped
Temple of Enlightenment Pandora's Box
Ruin Mask
Forbidden Explosive
Stolen Rare Steal
Pandora's Box Cape of Illusions
Abilities: Shadowus, Enhance Earth, Enhance Fire, Enhance Water, Enhance Wind, Aquarus, Flarus, Groundus, Windus
Susceptible To: Poison
Weak Against: Element Water, Spirit Killer Rings


Rarement will counter all magic with the highest level of the same spell you cast at it (counters flara with flarus, for example); if you doublecast, the spell it counters with corresponds to the first spell you cast at it, and does not counter the second spell. If you have Element Eater active, you can use this as a method of healing yourself and damaging the rarement at the same time For example; Kaim has "Fire eater" active, and casts Flarus at Rarement, Rarement takes 2300 damage, and Kaim is healed for 2300 when Rarement returns the spell.

Note: Usually found with a large group of Elementals, the Rarement will enhance the damage of the other elementals, but is found on the back row. When Rarement casts an enhancement spell for an element, it then absorbs all damage of that element until it enhances another one.

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