Seed 21

Seed #21

Location: In the Sea of Baus.


Some items are "protected" by structures that flash yellow. Ramming a structure that is flashing yellow yields a battle.

Name HP Type
Seed #21 Right side of the winding path "Kick" giant clam
Yellow Band On first small sandbar on the left at end of winding path "Ram" metal structure
Anti-Paralysis Herb Right side of wide open flooded area "Ram" metal structure
Magic-Luring Stone In a small alcove behind the metal structure containing the Anti-Paralysis Herb "Kick" giant clam
Mana Herb Far left out into the ocean on a small sand bar "Kick" giant clam


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Aqua Sphere 270 None Water Fast Cast, Aqua Magic-Luring Stone Sticky Tape, Cold Water Stone
Floating Fish 340 None Water None Cold Water Stone Cold Water Stone, Paraweed Thorn
Granshaker 720 None Water Ground Shake Quality Iron Sand Quality Iron Sand, Pumice of Despair
Mad Carpace 105 Hardened Water Downswing Hard Skin Hard Skin, Whetstone
Reef Worm 175 Organic Water Digestive Juice, Barricade Cold Water Stone Paraweed Thorn, Magic-Luring Stone


  • Granshaker x1
  • Mad Carapace x1, Reef worm x2
  • Floating Fish x2 (Front Row); Aqua Sphere x1 (Back Row)
  • Granshaker x1, Aqua Sphere x1, Floating Fish x1
  • Reef Worm x4

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